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Buncrana artist exhibits in Derry 28.11.13

AN exhibition by award-winning Buncrana artist Daire Irwin will open tomorrow as part of the City of Culture programme in Derry.
'Retrospect' will take place in the former Bloody Sunday Trust building in Shipquay Street.
The exhibition which explores the history of the Troubles "is both moving and powerful in its depiction of local historic events" say the curators. The artist, now based in Dublin and currently showing in the Irish Museum of Contemporary Art, said exhibiting in Derry was a milestone that had "particular resonance" for him.
One of the pieces by Daire Irwin that will be on show in Derry.
"It's the first solo show I will have in Derry, which has a special place in my heart as it's the largest city close to Buncrana where I grew up. I also attended the university for four years here before moving to study in Germany and then setting up my studio in Dublin.
"It has a sort of a homecoming feeling for me. I usually show my work in Dublin and abroad, so I'm delighted to show the work to friends and family who normally don't see it in person. Daire's Derry exhibition depicts work directly influenced by the history of the city and the Troubles.
Culture Company arts in education advisor Noelle McAlinden added: "(Daire's) works are courageous in scale and subject matter and he is an artist who references a painful past in time and history, in a space that is emotionally charged." The young Buncrana man was recently named the youngest recipient of the Whytes award at the Annual RHA show in Dublin. 'Restrospect' will run for one week from November 29.
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