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Chinese women on the pull in Inishowen 10.06.13

A GROUP of Chinese women are on the pull in an Inishowen village 6,000 miles away from home - but it's not romance they’re after.
The nine Taiwanese women are world tug-o-war champions who've travelled to Clonmany to train for next month's World Games in South America.
Clonmany boasts no fewer than two senior men's world title-winning tug-o-war sides as well as a club with top training facilities dedicated to the sport.
Club spokesman, Danny McGonigle, said he was proud the elite team had chosen to travel so far to train with them for just one week.
"We won the indoor World Championships in Scotland last year and so did they. Many tug-o-war teams have to train in old sheds and barns but our premises is one of the only ones in Ireland with facilities suited to a team of their quality," he said.
"They've had a great welcome and they're enjoying themselves," he added.
Ranging in age from 20 to 24 years, the strong-armed women are all students of Physical Education. In competition, they pull in the 540kg team category.
The championship indoor tug-o-war team from Taipei, Taiwan, China who are training in Clonmany for the World Games 2013. Pictured at front are, from left, manager, Jenny Wu, team leader, Ghy-Hwei Kuo and coach, Sheng Kuo.
Squad manager, Jenny Wu, said they were happy the Tug-o-War Association of Ireland had arranged for them to train in Co Donegal.
She said the girls, who are also accompanied by a team leader and a coach, are keeping a strict schedule of training, meal-times and rest followed by downtime boosted by the unseasonably sunny Irish weather.
"Ireland is beautiful, wonderful. We like the sheep too – we only see them in the zoo at home," beamed Ms Wu.
"The training facilities are very good here and they are very good tug-o-war pullers." While staying at the picturesque Glen House B&B, the visitors have also been facilitated in making their own native dishes including stir-fried rice, pork and chicken.
The twelve fly home to Taipei, Taiwan, midweek and will compete in the World Games 2013 in Colombia beginning July 25.
The Chinese indoor tug-o-war team in winning action at the World Championships in Scotland last year.
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