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HSE urged to reopen six Carn beds 01.10.13

THERE have been calls for the HSE to "immediately reopen" six beds at Carndonagh Community Hospital.
Local TD., Charlie McConalogue said staffing shortages had resulted in the continued closure of six of the 30 community beds in Carndonagh. He said the closure was "having a ripple effect across local health services".
“These bed closures were initially supposed to be a short-term, when the hospital was experiencing staff shortages in April last due to sick leave and annual leave. But more than five months on, the beds are still closed,” said the FF deputy.
Carndonagh Community Hospital
“At the end of May the HSE committed to promptly hiring four additional full time staff from the panel of existing home help workers to work as multi-task attendants. This was a sensible approach, providing the hospital with additional trained staff who are experienced carers, and providing those carers with career profession opportunities. But despite this commitment and repeated promises from the HSE, the beds are still closed." He urged the HSE to "follow through on their commitment" to reopen the beds immediately. "The additional staff required at Carndonagh Community Hospital must be recruited immediately so that the facility can operate at full capacity and continue to play an important role in our local health services," he added.
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