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Malin says 'Cannes do' to film fest 26.04.13

LEGENDARY singer songwriter Leonard Cohen will be appearing on the village green in Malin when a giant screen is erected for the Guth Gafa International Documentary Film Festival next month.
Over the course of the May 16-19 festival the tiny village will be transformed into a film mecca, with over 30 award winning documentaries from 15 countries being screened.
A documentary on the life of the music legend, 'Leonard Cohen: I'm Your Man', featuring close-up interviews with the singer and performances of his songs by singers who were influenced by him, will be shown on a huge outdoor LED screen on the 17th century green on Saturday night, May 18.
The outdoor screen, a first for Guth Gafa, is one of five screens which will be created around the village green over the four-day festival.
Many of the film makers will also be there to talk about their work and the population will swell to at least 20 times its normal size.
Included in this year’s bill are the current two best documentary films in the world, ‘First Cousin Once Removed’, winner of the Best Feature Documentary competition at IDFA, the largest and most prestigious documentary festival in the world, and ‘Searching for Sugarman’, winner of the Oscar for Best documentary at this year’s Academy Awards.
Now in its seventh year, Guth Gafa, which translates from the Irish as Captive Voice, is continuing its commitment to human rights driven films with a programme that shines the spotlight on some of the most pressing issues of our time.
Films about musical genius, human fragility, isolated communities fighting for survival and hope in the depths of pain, dominate the programme.
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