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It’s BaNANAs... 21.07.13

Siblings have an incredible SIX grannies

by Linda McGrory

A YOUNG brother and sister think they're really lucky because they have an astonishing SIX grannies to spoil them.
Ryan Anthony (6) and little sister Millie (5) from Sappagh, Muff get to enjoy good times with their mum Louise's mother and their dad Rick's mother. But incredibly, all of Louise and Rick's grandmothers are still living too - giving their children a ‘gran’ total of two grannies and FOUR great-grannies.
Rick and Louise Anthony from Sappagh, Muff, with their children, Ryan (6) and Millie (5) surrounded by their many grannies and great-grannies. In descending order from top left are Rick’s mother Pamela Anthony (53) known as ‘Granny Pamela’; his paternal grandmother Marie Anthony (80), known as ‘Nan’ and his maternal grandmother, Anna Kennedy (82), known as ‘Granny Anna’.
In descending order from top right are Louise’s mother Fiona Doherty (56) known as ‘Nana’; her paternal grandmother Liza Doherty (86), known as ‘Granny Doherty’ and her maternal grandmother, Maggie Irwin (89), known as ‘Granny’.
"Any time we tell people our kids have six grannies, they're gob-smacked. Young children these days often have their two grannies and maybe one great-granny still alive but nobody seems to have all six. I believe it’s very rare," said Louise (32).
"Ryan and Millie love it especially with all the presents they get at birthdays, Easter and Christmas. They're very spoilt by all their grannies."
The siblings' incredible list of grandmothers and great-grandmothers runs as follows: Louise’s mother Fiona Doherty (56) and Fiona’s mother Maggie Irwin (89) who live in Muff. Louise’s paternal granny is Liza Doherty (86) from Trillick, Buncrana. Meanwhile, 30-year old Rick's mother is Pamela Anthony (53) from Claudy, Co Derry while his grandmothers are Marie Anthony (80) from Derry city and Anna Kennedy (82) from Claudy, Co Derry.
And with so many grannies and great-grannies around, it's a challenge knowing what to call them all.
"We have to call them different names. My mother is known as ‘Nana’, her mum is called ‘Granny’ and my father Patrick's mother is called ‘Granny Doherty’," added full-time mum Louise.
"Rick's mother is called ‘Granny Pamela’, her mother is known as ‘Granny Anna’ and Rick's father's mother is called ‘Nan’." Ryan who goes to Scoil Naomh Bríd and Millie who starts the school in September, also have two granddads and one great-granddad.
Louise says her family feels privileged to be surrounded by so many kind and caring women with hundreds of years' experience between them.
"When people hear how many grannies we have between us they expect us to be only 18 or 19 years of age but we're in our thirties so that makes it even more unusual. We feel very lucky to still have them all around," she beamed.
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