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Greta fund reaches €1,700 in a week 21.01.13

A SUPPORT fund set up for brave Buncrana pensioner, Greta Lilly (96) who was punched and robbed in her own home has reached almost 1,700 euro in just one week.
Meanwhile, a mystery donor in England posted a cheque for £100 to Mrs Lilly's home after reading about her horrific ordeal at the hands of callous intruders on January 5.
Sinn Féin councillor Ciaran McLaughlin who set up a special account at Buncrana Credit Union said he could barely believe the amount raised (€1,694) in the first week. The account will remain open until the end of February.
Ms Lilly, who is back living at home in Aghilly is having a state-of-the-art security system installed free of charge this week by Letterkenny firm, Orion Security.
Cllr McLaughlin said the donations had come mainly from big-hearted people in Inishowen, and particularly the credit union's customers.
"It just shows you that when something really bad happens to somebody, people rally around to help out. Even in a recession when people are struggling themselves, they can find something to give even if it's only a couple of euro.” He said the anonymous sterling donation was a particular surprise.
"The family were amazed at this anonymous correspondence from England. It was a cheque and a small letter saying 'very sorry to hear what happened to you. Here is a few pound to help'," he added.
Meanwhile, Eircom has reported a "significant" increase in enquiries for its monitored PhoneWatch alarms following the aggravated attack on Ms Lilly and other vulnerable pensioners.
The company currently monitors more than 100,000 businesses and homes across the country including that of Ms Lilly who used her personal alarm to alert neighbours following her ordeal.
"We have seen a significant increase in enquiries from older people in recent weeks for our monitored alarm systems," said an Eircom spokesperson.
Good Morning Donegal which provides a daily phone call service to some 400 vulnerable pensioners has also seen an increase in queries about their service.
"Unfortunately these robberies have caused a lot of fear among older people," said the service's Buncrana-based administrator, Deirdre Browne.
She said there was relief among pensioners when the Government did a u-turn on proposed cuts to funding for personal alarms.
"We are getting a lot of queries from our clients about panic alarms and our care and repair worker has been checking security at our clients' homes including repairing windows, fixing locks and installing new locks," she added.
One positive to come out of the attacks, said Ms Browne, was that people were looking out more for elderly neighbours and were being more vigilant to suspicious activity in their communities.
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