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Toyota is Donegal’s top car brand in 2011 22.01.12

Report: Inishowen Independent

TOYOTA was Donegal’s top selling new car make in 2011, in what proved to be a very good year for car dealers.
Just over 300 new Toyotas were sold as dealers here recorded their strongest sales figures in some years, much of it attributed to the Government-sponsored scrappage scheme that ran until July.
In all, 2,047 new cars were purchased in the county in 2011, up from 2,018 in 2010 and nearly twice as many as the 1,041 sold in 2009.
Toyota came top with 310 vehicles, followed by Volkswagen on 260, Opel with 217, Skoda on 156 and Renault on 147. Ford (146), Kia (142), Peugeot (100), Nissan (95) and Hyundai (77) make up the remainder of the top ten.
Luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes have fallen from the peaks of the Celtic tiger years, with just 49 new BMWs and 12 Mercedes being sold here last year.
The effect of the Government’s scrappage scheme is clear from the figures, which were released by the Central Statitiscs Office: 1,801 – 88% – of the new sales for the year were made prior to the closure of the scrappages scheme in July.
The figures also reveal that 3,762 second hand cars were registered in Donegal in 2011. These are thought to mainly be cars important from Northern Ireland and Britain, and unlike the new car market remained relatively consistent throughout the year with around 300 sales per month.
Remarkably, Donegal imports more second hand cars than any other county – except Dublin city and county which has almost ten times the population of Donegal.
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