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Call centre workers demand P45s 03.02.11

FORMER workers at the Keith Prowse call centre in Buncrana have hit out at the company claiming they are still owed redundancy pay and have not received their P45s.
The ticketing agency at Lisfannon closed last August with the loss of some 50 full-time and 50 part-time jobs. But angry former workers say the firm has not furnished them with their statutory redundancy pay or their P45s.
One former employee, who did manage to get another part-time position, has been paying emergency tax for the past four months due to the lack of a P45.
"We still have not been issued with a P45 or received redundancy pay. In my own case, I have been on emergency tax since October and I'm paying about 50% of what I earn because of that," said one former employee.
"This is unacceptable and Keith Prowse has to be held accountable for their actions."
Another former employee added: "We are still in the same situation as we were when the call centre in Lisfannon closed five months ago with many of us owed two weeks wages, holiday pay, notice and redundancy pay."
Keith Prowse in Dublin was contacted several times yesterday but no response was forthcoming.
Mayor of Buncrana, Cllr Pádraig MacLochlainn said he was "totally outraged" that former workers who had shown great loyalty to Keith Prowse over the years were being treated so badly. He urged all the former employees to get a form from the Revenue that circumvented emergency tax.
"I am totally outraged that so many months have passed and these workers have still not received their P45s or their redundancy pay. This company appears to have cut ties with them completely and have walked away from their responsibilities,” said Cllr MacLochlainn. He called on the Government to intervene on behalf of the workers.
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