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Broadband blackspots could miss out 10.05.11

INISHOWEN homes with poor internet connections could be left out of the national Rural Broadband Scheme, according to Charlie McConalogue TD.
He said the new initiative appears to apply only to homes and businesses with no internet access whatsoever. However, the local deputy, who lives in the broadband blackspot of Gleneely-Culdaff, said many families here will lose out.
"There appears to be a gaping hole in this initiative as it looks like it only applies to homes and businesses which currently have no internet access whatsoever. That means that people with extremely limited broadband coverage are not eligible to upgrade to a minimum level under the scheme.
ďThere are many homes and local businesses in Donegal that technically have access to broadband at the moment, but the service is so slow that itís not usable. I find it incredulous and unacceptable that these people seem to be left out of the Rural Broadband Scheme," said Deputy MacConalogue.
He called on the Minister for Communications, Pat Rabbitte, to clarify the position for those who currently poor broadband.
"My concern is that this scheme will be last of its kind, as the Government will feel it has given the impression that the job is done. But I will not let this issue lie.
"There is an urgent need for every single person here in Donegal and across the country to have access to a reasonable and useable broadband service, and those who currently donít have this must be included in the current initiative," he added.
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