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Inishowen’s YouTube shame 14.11.07

HALLOWE'EN may be over, but the evidence of some of the anti-social activities in the run up to the night itself have been published on the YouTube website.
One video shows youngsters shooting a firework at a house in Buncrana. A teenage user posted the video, apparently shot on a mobile phone, early last month. The youngsters shoot the firework from a height, across a main road and snigger as it hits the porch at the front of a nearby house.
The same user also posted a video purporting to blow-up a bin.
Not to be outdone, Carn users are also publishing videos online glorying in anti-social behaviour.
YouTube footage of Carndrifter. One user, styling himself ‘Carndrifter’, published a video of a driver ‘diffing’ at a crossroads near Carn. Diffing, also known as drifting or donuts, is when a car is driven around in tight circles with the engine revving and tyre rubber burning and billowing smoke.
The video, played against a thumping dance tune, was posted earlier this month and splices footage from two
different incidents.
One driver, whose name accompanies the video, diffs his Subaru Impreza at a crossroads junction before a second driver starts diffing in an old Ford tractor as half a dozen spectators look on. The number plates of both vehicles are clearly visible.
Carndrifter has also posted a video of the same Subaru Impreza diffing in a car park in Derry. Story: Inishowen Independent
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