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Speed limits increased on busy Inishowen road 09.11.07

TRAVEL times from Moville to Derry will be cut and safety increased with the introduction of new speed limits this week, according to a local councillor. Cllr. Marian McDonald said the increase in the limit from 80km/h to 100km/h on the busy stretch between Quigley's Point and Muff, will ease congestion for commercial traffic, commuters and visitors.
And the Fianna Fáil councillor believes it will also cut the risk of accidents.
"This is one of the best stretches of roads in the country. It's unrealistic to expect motorists to drive at 80kph when the road surface is suitable for a higher speed," she said.
"I can understand why some people might be concerned with the increase in the limit but people don't have to do the 100kph if they don't want to.
"I know there have been accidents on this road but that was before it was upgraded." The Moville-based councillor said she had been contacted by many motorists about the old limits.
"The problem here was that it was such a good road, more than enough people were being caught for speeding. At least now, the drivers who want to go at the new speed to get to work quicker etc., can do so without the fear of being done for speeding. I think the road will actually be safer in the long run because the faster drivers won't be forced to overtake as much." Signs were erected this week to alert motorists to the higher speed limit.
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