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Homes urged to get electricity meters 07.11.07

HOUSEHOLDERS in the peninsula are being urged to sign up for an electricity meter that will show them how much power they're using or wasting.
More than 25,000 smart electricity meters are to be fitted in homes across the country in a pilot programme to be rolled out nationally within five years.
Moville-based Senator Cecilia Keaveney encouraged interested parties to sign up as the locations to get the meters in the coming weeks have yet to be decided.
“The smart electricity meters have been likened to fuel gauges in cars. They help consumers see how much electricity they are using and what electrical devices use more electricity than others," she explained.
“When they are rolled out nationally, as has been committed to in the Programme for Government, they will assist consumers across the country assess their electricity usage more effectively and reduce their carbon emissions.
"They also enable consumers to keep a closer eye on the energy they are consuming, making it more manageable to budget for bills," added Senator Keaveneyl.
Anyone interested in having one of the 25,000 electricity metres fitted in their homes should contact the Commission for Energy Regulation, the body that is coordinating the programme in association with the ESB Networks and Sustainable Energy Ireland. For more details, visit www.cru.ie .
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