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Santa Stop Here...but first Pay and Display 20.11.07

CHILDREN in Buncrana will have to be careful this year where they put their 'Santa Stop Here' signs as the red one's sleigh could be stung for Pay and Display.
A new pay and display machine in Buncrana. Controversial parking charges will be introduced in the seaside town from next Tuesday, November 27 - just in time for the busy Christmas rush.
The pay and display machines are being installed this week at a number of locations throughout the growing town.
A Council spokesman said all the necessary equipment will be in place by this Friday.
The parking charges and locations have caused concern among many residents however, with some saying too many locations are being hit under the scheme.
One resident told InishowenNews.com
that some elderly or disabled people relying on visiting relatives to get them around could be affected.
"Why are non car-owning residents so harshly treated?" he asked.
"They cannot get a resident's permit yet these are people who have their homes in the town, have paid or are paying their taxes and many of the elderly depend on visiting relatives," he said.
There is also concern that the new parking measures may create confusion in the run up to Christmas when busy shoppers clamour for spaces. However, it is understood the local authority has held consultations with Buncrana Chamber of Commerce on the issue.
The new parking charges will be applied from 9am to 6pm from Monday to Saturday. Motorists will have to pay 50c per hour with a maximum stay of two hours on the Main Street and all other streets. Drivers will have to pay 30c per hour in the St. Mary's Road and Nailor's Row car parks or 1.20 for the day. Monthly passes will cost 20; six monthly, 100; and yearly, 190, for car parks only.
Vehicles parked in a Pay and Display area must display the appropriate parking ticket, or in the case of residents, the appropriate resident's parking permit. As for Santa, well he usually arrives off peak...and there's always the roof-tops.
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