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Late League chairman was concerned about relief road 13.11.07

AN Inishowen councillor expressed concerns yesterday that the proposed outer relief road in Buncrana will cut through the farm belonging to the family of the late Inishowen League chairman, Charlie O'Donnell.
The late Charlie O'Donnell. Cllr. Rena Donaghey told a meeting yesterday that Charlie, who died suddenly in October, had been worried about the effect the new road might have on members of his family.
Some had hoped to build houses in the field in question, that runs along the Crana River at Cockhill.
Cllr. Donaghey said that prior to his death, the late community worker had penned letters to all councillors, expressing his concern about the route.
But Cllr. Donaghey told the Inishowen Electoral Area meeting in Carn that the proposed location at Cockhill "just doesn't make sense".
"Apart from halving Charlie's farm, it's really stupid to cut in at this part of the road and go behind the old Cockhill bridge. It would make far better sense to take the new road and incorporate it into building a proper bridge which is badly needed anyway," said Cllr. Donaghey, who chairs the local electoral area committee.
"As the current proposal stands, Cullen's shop, which has been going for years, will be completely cut off."
The discussion arose during a motion to send the design through to the next statutory meeting of Donegal County Council for adoption.
On October 17, last, Buncrana Town Council approved the route that will eventually allow motorists to drive directly from Lisfannon to Cockhill.
At yesterday's meeting, Buncrana Town Mayor, Cllr. Paul Bradley and Cllr. Padráig MacLochlainn agreed with Cllr. Donaghey
Cllr. Rena Donaghey.
that the section of the outer relief road planned for Cockhill was far from ideal.
They both agreed, however, that it was better to let the design go through to the next stage so that progress could be made on the entire outer relief road project.
Cllr. Donaghey was assured that the Cockhill stage of the development would be reviewed as soon as possible thereafter.
Senior executive engineer, Pat Gillespie noted Cllr. Donaghey's request for a review date. He said variations to plans happened "all the time".
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