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Gardai probe "lethal" pier stunts 20.11.07

Gardai are investigating reports of "treacherous" driving at an Inishowen pier.
It's been reported that young drivers are engaging in dangerous stunt driving at Moville pier - just inches from a 15-foot drop into the sea.
Our picture shows the tyre tracks left on the local pier after drivers performed stunts such as 'diffing' and handbrake turns.
'Diffing' is also known as 'drifting' or 'donuts', where a car is driven around in tight circles with the engine revving and tyre rubber burning.
Garda Sergeant Danny Devlin said officers in Moville were looking into the reports.
Tyre tracks left on Moville pier after driving stunts.
He said while such stunts were unacceptable anywhere, they were particularly treacherous when performed on a pier.
"This is a highly dangerous activity and potentially life-threatening. It would only take a driver to put one foot on the wrong pedal at the wrong time and they would be in the water," said Sgt. Devlin.
"Let's face it, if one of those cars went over the pier and into the water, the survival rate would be pretty low," he added.
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