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Buncrana tenant will have to pay up 16.11.07

A BUNCRANA Council tenant will have to pay back some of the cost of "excessive" repairs done to a new local authority house.
While it is understood the tenant did have permission for some repairs, the work subsequently undertaken was "in excess of the normal repairs and were not fully authorised".
Cllr. Joe Doherty. That's according to Donegal County Council yesterday who said an investigation into alleged irregularities was still ongoing.
Buncrana town manager, Liam Kelly who is also the assistant county manager released details of an investigation launched in August at the behest of Cllr. Joe Doherty.
Regarding the tenant who had undertaken unauthorised works, Mr. Kelly said "arrangements have been made to reinstate the house and to recover part of the cost from the tenant".
In another case, a house was purchased by the Council without proper technical appraisal
of the condition of the house which required substantial work to make the house fit for purpose.
"Work on renovation is almost complete and the house will be available for letting in a very short time," said Mr. Kelly in a statement.
In the third instance, the purchase of a number of apartments was initiated "without the normal appraisal and contractual arrangements being met in accordance with the Councilís requirements".
Mr. Kelly added: "Tenants were allocated these apartments without the necessary planning permission and conveyance to the Council of these apartments.
"The position of the Council with regard to the purchase of these apartments is currently under review and alternative arrangements have been made for the allocation of alternative accommodation to the successful applicants."
Mr. Kelly said measures would be put in place to prevent a recurrence of the problems. Meanwhile, Cllr. Doherty who initiated the inquiry said he was happy with Mr. Kelly's interim report. He said some of his colleagues had expressed concern at the publicity Cllr. Doherty had brought to the issue. But he said it was a matter of public interest and he was happy that he had brought it into the public domain, as a public representative on behalf of the public.
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