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Omagh family post mortems today 16.11.07

POST mortems are due to take place today on the bodies of the family of seven who died in this week's horrific Omagh blaze.
Parish priest Monsignor Joseph Donnelly leads a prayer vigil. It was revealed yesterday that Arthur McElhill, is being regarded as a suspect although police have not formerly declared him as such.
The bodies of the young family were removed from the ruins of their home as darkness fell last evening in Lammy Crescent.
A prayer vigil led by parish priest, Monsignor Joseph Donnelly, and attended by a large crowd of local people was held as the bodies were
removed. Firefighters and teachers formed a guard of honour outside the burnt-out shell of their home.
It is known that petrol was scattered around the house and had been set alight.
Police are currently treating all seven deaths as murder. They stated last night, however, they would be making no further comment unless they had any important developments to report.
The eldest of the five children, Caroline, 13, attended the nearby Sacred Heart College. Sean, 7, and Bellina, 4, were pupils at St. Conor's 
A large crowd is silent as the bodies of the family are removed.
Primary School and the two youngest were Clodagh, 19 months, and James, who was just nine months old.
It also emerged yesterday that Arthur McElhill was jailed in April 1998 for sexually assaulting a young woman and had a similar previous conviction in 1994.
Although placed on the Sex Offenders' Register, it is understood he was considered to be in the lowest risk category with little chance of re-offending.
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