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Left without phone for eight days 13.11.07

A PREGNANT woman in rural Inishowen fears she could be left without a phone service due to ongoing disruptions on an ageing eircom line, a meeting heard yesterday.
From left, Toni Devine and Martin Carey from the Three Glens Residents' Group. A deputation of residents from the Three Glens area of east Inishowen, told the Council meeting in Carn that the woman, who is due to give birth in two weeks' time, was distressed at being left without a phone service for 24 hours.
It followed an episode a fortnight ago when a number of families were left without a phone service
for eight days in a row.
Three Glens Residents' Group chairman, Martin Carey said the main problem lay with a very old eircom line that serviced many homes from Greencastle to the Three Glens which includes areas such as Kinnego Bay, Lecamey and Glengiveney.
Committee member Toni Devine said it was a "very upsetting" situation that could potentially put the lives of children, the sick and the elderly in peril. Ms. Devine told the members of the Inishowen Electoral Area committee: "In one of the houses that was affected recently by the phone cuts, a baby is due in two weeks. This is just hazardous and we don't even have mobile cover as back up," she said.
"New babies are being born in the Three Glens area again and they are our most precious asset. We need to safeguard them."
The deputation was arranged chiefly to discuss a five-year plan the residents submitted two years ago to the Council.
They said while some work, namely the widening of one of a number of bad bends, had been carried out, their plan seemed to have stalled in terms of Council action.
Officials told the deputation they were doing the best they could within their budget. However, they pledged to tackle another bad bend as soon as funds were available.
The Three Glens residents received praise from Cllrs. Marian McDonald, Padráig MacLochlainn and Rena Donaghey for their progressiveness. Cllr. Donaghey said she had raised their communications problems with a recent sub-committee dealing with a new wireless broadband scheme for the county. She said she anticipated the Three Glens, which is on the Inishowen 100, would have broadband coverage in due course with a new antennae.
Meanwhile, the residents asked to be kept informed of Council plans for their area such as signage at Kinnego Bay.
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