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Inishowen's new funding and development company 02.11.07

Below is a list of the 24 candidates running for election to the board of Inishowen's new funding and development company.
Six seats have to be filled on the board of the new company which was created with the merger of the Inishowen Partnership Company (IPC) and Inishowen Rural Development Limited (IRDL).


Seamus Bovaird
Seamus Bovaird is a retired ship's captain and ex-manager of Foyle Fishermen’s Co-Op. He is a self-employed marine consultant. He has good experience of working in board and committee environments, having served on the governing council of his trade union, chaired the fishing sector sub-committee of the Irish Government Taskforce on Employment and Training in the Fishing Industry, sat on the Marine Sector Working Group of the Donegal County Council Taskforce, represented the fishing interests on the Donegal County Council Strategic Planning Committee and is currently on the board of Londonderry Port.
In the voluntary sector, Seamus is currently chairman of Greencastle Community Centre and a director of the Inishowen Maritime Museum in Greencastle. In the recreation sector he is safety officer of Moville Boat Club and registrar of Moville GAA Club.
Seamus has been successful in sourcing and drawing down funding from EU, NDP and other sources for projects in the commercial, voluntary and sporting sectors so will be able to appreciate the problems of volunteers as they try to find financial support for their individual projects.

Robert Carey
Robert is a small farmer who has been involved in community development for the past 25 years. He has resided in the Bredagh Glen area all his life. Robert is a director of Action Inishowen, Carrowmena and District Development Association and Youth and Recreation Carrowmena. He is a life-time member of the IFA and Irish Kidney Association and also a former vice chair of the Inishowen Football League. If elected, Robert is looking forward to a grassroots approach to community development and drawing down funding for Inishowen.

Toni Devine
I have been active in the community for ten years across Inishowen. I have worked with community groups locally and cross border. At county, regional and national levels, I have worked to increase participation, access and quality of services for both rural and disadvantaged people. I support the fair distribution of funding grants and enterprise throughout Inishowen. We can develop Inishowen by using and protecting our unique resources and heritage. I am a stickler for justice and fair play so I will be supporting good governance in the new company. I like listening to and encouraging new ideas for our future.

Martin Farren
I have been involved in community groups for many years and also was a local business man running a small fish merchant shop in Moville. I am married to Eileen with three children. At present, I am the president of the SVP in Moville, member of the Donegal Fisheries Board and Moville Hall committee. I feel I am hard working for the community and understand the needs and concerns of the area and would be a great asset to the board.

Conall Gillespie
Conall is 44 years old and has lived in Quigley’s Point all his life. He is president of Drung SVP, a board member of Muff Sheltered Housing, a former secretary of Quigley's Point Community Centre for 10 years. Conall sees this election as an opportunity to give a voice to the groups in East Inishowen.

Laurie McGee
I am currently chairperson of Quigley's Point Community Centre and sit on the Southeast Inishowen and Culmore Area Strategy Steering Group. I have worked with many groups in North and East Inshore as a community development consultant, IT trainer and volunteer. I have been involved in the community since coming here in 1990 from the US. I have worked and volunteered in the areas of health, parenting, special needs, childcare, tourism, organic farming and the environment. First and foremost I am married with four children and my husband Patsy is a full-time farmer. I recently started working full-time as a town planning consultant with Canavan Associates Ltd. In November 2006 I was awarded an MA in town and country planning from the University of West of England, Bristol. With my skills and experience, I can contribute a lot to the new joint board of management. I would do my best to represent the East Inishowen area if elected.

Helen McIntyre
Helen is a member of the Greencastle Women's Group and a member of the board of management of Moville Community College. Originally from Bundoran, Helen came here to work in 1973, married and settled in the area. She has four children aged from 12 to 18 and is obviously interested in the facilities that are available for youth and the educational services provided. As a ‘blow-in’, Helen feels that if elected, she could contribute a fresh outlook and would highlight all the areas that she feels are in need of enhancement and assistance in Inishowen.

Hugh McLaughlin
Hugh is a native of Gleneely, self employed and married with five children. He is chairperson of Gleneely Development Association, Gleneely FC and Sports Committee and a member of the board of management of Gleneely NS. Hugh holds a Diploma in community development from University College Galway. If elected, Hugh will focus on the youth of Inishowen and reach out to them through the medium of sport. He believes that there is a sport for everyone that provides a great social outlet for the young.


Jim Campbell
Jim is a native of Inishowen, occupation, bus driver. Jim has shown a life-long interest in the rights and needs of people with mental handicap/learning disability. He has been a member of the Inishowen Parents and Friends of the Mentally Handicapped since the mid '70s, holding the post of chair since 1985.
He is presently fighting for funding towards the proposed new Donagh Resource Centre in Carndonagh. He is a member of Carrowmena Football Club and a committee member of the Inishowen League. He has also been involved with senior citizens groups since 1967.

Albert Doherty
Married to Carmel, with three boys, Albert is a primary school teacher in Carndonagh. He is a board member of Inishowen Rural Development Ltd. (Community Rep) and Inishowen Community Radio. He is a subcommittee member of Inishowen Partnership Company (Education) and current chairperson of Carndonagh Football Club. He was a member of Donegal County Council 1999-2004 in the Inishowen Area. The needs of the Inishowen peninsula are unique for many reasons, believes Albert, including geographical, cultural and historical. The many talents of the local community and the potential for the planned development of the peninsula are also unique now, given the anticipated benefits from a new financial Euro Programme and the positive effects to be had from the new administration in Northern Ireland according to Albert. He has represented and worked hard for Inishowen Communty groups and individuals in the past. He is seeking your community nomination and vote in Inishowen North to represent you on Inishowen’s new development company and to ensure that the voices of youth and elderly, sport and culture, disadvantaged and disabled are listened to.
As a former chairperson of Carndonagh Development Association, Albert is aware of the keen and dedicated voluntary work ongoing in all communities and parishes. Albert Doherty will work to ensure that Inishowen’s deserved economic regeneration needs are met and that marginalised voices in Inishowen are heard.

Geraldine Fullerton
Geraldine is a programme assistant and a personal assistant with the Irish Wheelchair Association (IWA), helping with clients to ensure as normal a life as possible. She is very involved with the swimming club and attends regularly with IWA clients. Geraldine comes from Tooban and is married to Pat. They have four children. She is a signer for the deaf. She believes that the IWA need a voice in the community and someone to advocate on their behalf. If elected, she promises to be that voice.

Gerard Lafferty
Born and bred in Glengad, Gerard runs his own frozen food business and has been actively involved in promoting the development of the Glengad area over the years. He sees the election as an opportunity to further promote development of the area and the whole of the Inishowen peninsula. He has experience of working with Glengad Community Association and the parish Leader team and feels that he would have a valuable contribution to make to the new board

Susan McGonagle
Susan is a member of Ballyliffin Development Ltd. and the Beach Walkers Group. She was Lady Captain of the Golf Club in 2006. She is the agreed candidate selected at the meeting of Community Groups in Clonmany Area. Susan has been living in Ballyliffin since 1996, a former member of Donegal County Council with a post graduate diploma in Rural Development. She feels she would be the ideal candidate to be on the Board of the new Company because of her involvement in the community.

Sheenagh McMahon
I have been working with Inishowen Women's Outreach for the past six years as a support worker supporting women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Through my work I network closely with community groups and statuary bodies throughout the country. Working within the community has made me extremely aware of the importance of community involvement. I have a great love for Inishowen and would be very passionate about the environmental and rural development of our beautiful peninsula. If elected I would work hard for the community in a honest and fair manner.

Gerard Moyne
My name is Gerard Moyne and I live in Carndonagh. I am married with three children and I live and work in the peninsula.
I have worked in the Inishowen peninsula all of my life and on a voluntary basis I have been a member of Carndonagh Development Company for seven years and have been vice chair for several years. I have also been county secretary for the Red Cross and was co-opted on to the international committee of the Irish Red Cross with responsibility for overseas projects. I have been involved for a number of years as a business mentor for small community-based businesses and have assisted cross border with Business In The Community (BITC). More recently, I was a guest speaker to Strabane District Council on their THINK BIG initiative. At a local level as well as CCRDC, I am involved with the playground group and I also assist with other youth and community groups. I am one of the founders and a facilitator on Inishowen Fathers group and was actively involved in setting up the Inishowen Men's Helpline. I know that given my wealth of experience at both local community an international level, I am well equipped to represent the community of Inishowen and I work very well both as an individual and as part of a team. I am a diligent practical hard-working person.

Charlie O’Donnell
I have lived in Malin Head for the past 16 years and I am greatly involved in the fishing industry. I am now a member of the Malin Head Fishermans Co-Op but I was originally a fisherman. I would like the chance to have the voice of the fishing community heard and I would be delighted to represent them.


Margaret Bell
Margaret is a native of The Parish (Desertegney) – born and bred. She is a member of SVP and manages the Ozanam Centre in Buncrana.
Margaret loves her work and sees it as providing a service for those in need more than a profit-making organisation. If elected, she would like to continue her work as an advocate for the disadvantaged and sees it as an opportunity to promote the much-needed support for people in need.

Frances Browne
I am a community development officer with NCDI, Newtowncunningham, for four years now and prior to this in the St. Johnston & Carrigans Family Resource Centre. I work with and support over 20 groups in the Newtown, Killea and Burt areas. My reason for standing for election is to represent the neglected areas of Inishowen - Newtown, Killea and Burt. Also to ensure that the new Partnership Company has a strong voice for the community sector and to apply whatever skills and expertise that I possess to the success of the new company.

Noel Devenney
Noel is a member of the Newtowncunningham, Burt and Killea Care of the Aged committee and is involved in local church committees and is chairperson of Newtown Neighbourhood Watch. Born in Newtown, he was in the Army for 32 years and is now retired. He would like the opportunity to bring more benefits to the locality and Inishowen as a whole and would work towards this if elected.

Edward Donaghy
Edward is an active member of the North Pole Cycling Club. Originally from Cockhill, he now lives in Gransha. He would like the chance to do something for his local area and Inishowen as a whole and sees these elections as an opportunity to do so.

John McCarter
I have been involved in community-based work and enterprise for the past 25 years. I am chairman of Fort Dunree Military Museum and Donegal County Enterprise Fund. I serve on the Donegal County Enterprise Board and County Development Board. I am a deputy launching authority with Lough Swilly RNLI and an integral founder member of Inishowen Friends of Messines, which is a group dedicated to peace and reconciliation-building. As a former director of WP McCarter & Co/ Fruit of the Loom, I am familiar with employment issues in the Inishowen area.

Danny McLaughlin
I am a member of Dunree Museum, Donegal Information Services, CIC, Friends of Messines, Inishowen Wildlife, Farset Inishowen and the Raptor Study Group of Ireland. I am an active member of various community groups as diverse as director of Dunree Museum, director of Donegal Information Services to cross border/cross community relations in Friends of Messines and Farset Inishowen. I have been a community representative on the IPC board of management for the past seven years and if elected, I would continue to work hard to continue the social and environmental development of Inishowen.

Michael McLaughlin
Michael comes from Carndonagh but now lives in Buncrana. He is an active member of Schizophrenia Ireland and the local Mental Health Support group which was set up about ten years ago. This involves attending monthly meetings and national conferences held in Dublin. If elected, Michael would continue to lobby for the organisation, to try to influence Government policy in order to promote good mental health and well being.

Don McNeil
A native of St. John’s Newfoundland, Don has been living in Buncrana for the past 13 years. He is active in the Inishowen branch of the Forever Fathers Group and also sits on its county committee. Currently, he is involved with the Ulster-Newfoundland Initiative and the Buncrana Halloween Carnival. He would like to have an opportunity to give a voice to separated fathers.
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