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Judge warns teenage 'joyrider' 26.04.07

A teenager from east Inishowen has been warned he faces a one-year detention sentence for a 'joyriding' incident last August.
The 16-year old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, appeared at Carn court yesterday where he pleaded guilty to the unauthorised taking of a vehicle, having no insurance and no licence on the date in question.
Judge Desmond Zaidan was told the incident happened on August 4th, 2006, when the youth took a taxi to Derry with two friends - one of whom was 19, the other, also 16.
They were served alcohol in a number of city bars before an argument ensued. The 19-year old, who had parked his small van at the defendant's family home, parted company with the other two.
When he returned to Donegal to get his vehicle, however, it was missing, the court heard.
Through his solicitor, Philip White, the defendant admitted taking the van as a prank and accidentally crashing it when he lost control of the vehicle a short distance from his home. The cost of repairs was 3,200, which he has since paid for from his own money, the court was told.
Judge Zaidan warned the defendant: "To my mind joyriding attracts an immediate custodial sentence". He added that it was "an absolute shame" the underage teen was served alcohol in bars in Derry.
Mr. White said his client suffered from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that predisposed him to impulsive behaviour. But he had changed dramatically since the accident, Mr. White said.
Judge Zaidan adjourned the case until June 19th, 2007, for probation and medical reports but reiterated his warning that despite the reports' findings, the defendant still faced a 12-month sentence in St. Patrick's Institution in Dublin.

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