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Robust workshop expected today 15.11.07

A WORKSHOP will take place today to review the Donegal County Development plan including proposals to allow the building of 50% more holiday homes.
Sinn Féin said it will vehemently oppose the proposals at today's workshop in a bid to have it overturned.
Donegal Sinn Féin Senator Pearse Doherty said the proposal was made by Fianna Fáil councillors and supported by Fine Gael last week.
"It is now over two years ago, in consultations with senior planners in Donegal County Council, that I suggested that restrictions needed to be placed on holiday homes in the county to ensure local communities are not overrun with holiday home developments.
"That proposal was accepted into the County Development Plan adopted by the Council last July," said Senator Doherty.
"At that time, I proposed that holiday homes be restricted to no more than 20% of the houses in any, village or town land."
Senator Doherty said he did this to ensure the "sustainability of rural communities".Without a sensible quota, he said 8,000 holiday homes could be allowed in the county.
He said a quota would ensure the towns and villages could sustain holiday homes. He said ordinary local buyers and young people who were up to now "priced out of the market" because they couldn't compete with second home owners, would be able to build in their own areas.
"Under the Sinn Féin proposal which was accepted, each townland would be allowed one holiday home for every four permanent homes. "This would have a dual benefit as it not only allows the construction of holiday homes but also manages to protect the integrity of the town land for the future."
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