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Health 'chaos' must be challenged 23.11.07

THE Health Minister and HSE chief are "presiding over chaos in our health services", according to an Inishowen councillor.
Cllr. Padraig MacLochlainn said that while thousands of people are being treated successfully there was a huge obstacle to accessible care for many.
"The obstacle to accessible care for all who need it, is the grossly inequitable two-tier nature of the system.
"Minister Harney is reinforcing that two-tier system and Professor Brendan Drumm is implementing policy on her behalf and on behalf of the Fianna Fáil/PD/Green Government," said Cllr. MacLochlainn.
He said cancer patients were being "denied life-saving treatment" because the Government has failed to provide the radiation oncology facilities that are required.
"This dire need has been recognised for many years and the Government has had ample time and a booming economy to plan and budget for the provision of radiotherapy centres.
"The Government first committed itself to public-private partnerships (PPPs) to deliver radiation oncology centres. Then it was found these would take too long. Then a review was ordered. We have been told that the centres may be delayed to 2014 or even 2015."
He said that in recent policy decisions the northern half of the country was not provided for.
The Buncrana-based town and county councillor also said the pharmacy dispute remained deadlocked.
"This dispute has raised the prospect of people with medical cards being denied their medication at their community pharmacy if the pharmacists withdraw from the scheme as threatened from December 1," he added.
"This is a particular concern in Donegal as a large percentage of customers in local pharmacies are medical card holders, in some cases up to 80%."
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