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DACC pushes for Centre of Excellence 15.11.07

DONEGAL campaigners are pushing to have Letterkenny made a Centre of Excellence for Cancer Care.
Donegal Action for Cancer Care (DACC) met Health Minister, Mary Harney in Dublin on Tuesday and pressed for her to consider the proposal.
The group's public relations officer, Paddy Hume, said DACC was concerned that the county had appeared to "lose out" in the proposed national scheme to create Centres of Excellence.
"We suggested to the Minister to give thought to the proposal that Letterkenny General Hospital become a Centre of Excellence to cover the North West Region," said Mr. Hume.
DACC believes Letterkenny is well placed in terms of its hospice provision, nurse training and the fact it borders a large catchment area that would give the centre the critical mass of people it requires to be viable.
"The delegation emphasised that there was no reason why Letterkenny General Hospital could not be the Centre of Excellence for the North West. Letterkenny is well placed for this having a hospice; LYIT which now does nurse education; ten Community Hospitals to give good step down services and the development of a Wellness Centre for cancer screening." The group also cited the county's well developed primary care centres.
Mr. Hume added: "The meeting was a very positive one with Ms. Harney giving us an hour of her time. DACC informed the Minister that when DACC was formed its focus was for Letterkenny General Hospital. This has not changed and remains so today."
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