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Women call for BreastCheck roll-out 28.11.07

NORTH West MEP Marian Harkin has backed calls from the Irish Countrywomen's Association (ICA) for the immediate roll-out of BreastCheck to the region.
BreastCheck, the national breast screening programme, has not yet reached the North West following a number of delays stretching back more than six years.
Ms. Harkin, who is an Independent, also called on all voluntary organisations in the region to put pressure on the Government for the national roll-out to happen.
“The latest postponement of the roll-out of Breastcheck is an absolute disgrace and it is particularly galling for the women of the North West who know that women just across the border in Northern Ireland and in other 
Marian Harkin MEP
areas of the Republic have a significantly higher detection rate for breast cancer because of the availability of screening”, said Ms. Harkin.
“The least the Government can do for all women is to immediately provide mobile units in un-serviced areas until a permanent service is operational and all women in Ireland have their right to good health asserted on an equal basis."
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