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Keaveney to seek childcare meeting 16.11.07

Senator Cecilia Keaveney has offered to seek an urgent meeting with Minister for Children, Brendan Smith, T.D., to discuss the new childcare subvention scheme as it relates to the service providers and users in County Donegal.
Speaking at a well attended meeting earlier this week in Letterkenny, Senator Keaveney said it was "incredible" that given extra funding promised, providers felt they may have to close next year.
"It is quite incredible after huge investment in recent years in the building up of community childcare infrastructure, and given that there is to be an additional 11m in the 2008 budget, that so many service providers feel that they will actually have to close as a result of the new scheme," she said.
"There needs to be an urgent interaction
Senator Cecilia Keaveney.
between representatives of this group and the minister and his officials. We simply cannot afford to lose the investment in buildings and people that we have achieved in recent times."
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