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Jail for mugging Buncrana pensioner 11.05.07

A Polish man who mugged an 80-year old Buncrana woman is to be jailed for at least one year.
Krystian Wozniak, Flat 5, Former Central Hotel, Buncrana, failed to appear at the local court yesterday for sentencing and to hand over 2,000 in compensation to his victim.
Judge Desmond Zaidan took a dim view of the 24-year old's attitude to the case.
"This man mugged an 80-year old woman and the reason he did this I was told, was because he was starving on the streets of Buncrana. The fact is, he had just finished work. The whole thing is just a sham," said Judge Zaidan.
"I offered him an olive branch on the last occasion and he has thrown it back at me. He's going to prison for a minimum of 12 months but he could be looking at 24 months," he said.
The court was told that Wozniak, who has no English, was in employment laying cables locally at the time he mugged the pensioner. He had since moved to west Cork with the cable company in question.
A bench warrant was issued yesterday for his arrest. The judge also certified for payment for an interpreter who had been appointed to the case by the Probation and Welfare Service.
The judge remarked: "This was a particularly vicious assault on an 80-year old woman."

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