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BSE found in Donegal herd 05.11.07

AN investigation is underway into how a cow in Donegal contracted BSE despite tight measures to prevent the disease.
The case was discovered through the Department's active surveillance programme in a five-year old suckler cow in west Donegal.
The infected animal was born six years after controls were introduced to eradicate mad cow disease, which can lead to variant CJD in humans.
Agriculture Minister Mary Coughlan said she hoped the case was a one-off and hoped the probe would identify how the cow became infected so long after the preventative measures came into force.
The Donegal case brings the national total for the year so far to 17 cases compared to 36 cases for the equivalent period in 2006.
"The range of controls in place to protect consumers and to eradicate the disease continues to be rigorously enforced. In particular it should be noted that specified risk material is removed from all cattle slaughtered," the Department states.
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