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Alcohol testing "simply not enough" 23.11.07

A DONEGAL T.D., has called on the Government to urgently introduce laws to allow Gardaí test drivers for drugs.
Deputy Joe McHugh said there was a "serious need" for Gardaí to be given both the equipment and legislation to carry out random drug tests on drivers across the country.
“Yet again, the procrastination of this Government is costing lives on our roads. We had to fight tooth and nail to bring in testing for alcohol at the scene of an accident and it seems that we are going to have to the same in relation to drug testing," said Deputy McHugh.
"Too many lives are being lost and the monotonous answers we keep receiving from the Minister just aren’t acceptable."
A 2003 report on motoring entitled ‘Drink, Drugs and Driving’ reveals that 200,000 motorists had driven after taking drugs. The report shows that up to 140 people
Deputy Joe McHugh.
each year drive under the influence of Class A drugs.
“A comprehensive review of the legislation in respect of drug driving is needed and I also call on the Medical Bureau of Road Safety to monitor the development of reliable devices.
“I have witnessed too many families whose lives have been destroyed as a result of car accidents. I will continue my appeal to the Minister for Justice and the Minister for Transport and I will try my hardest to make the roads in our country safer," added Deputy McHugh.
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