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12,000 award for St. Johnston woman 21.06.07

A Donegal woman who claimed she was bullied at work and called a "floozy and a blonde bimbo", has been awarded 12,480 for constructive dismissal.
Thirty-five years old Joy Porter of Drumenan, St. Johnston, told an Employment Appeals Tribunal that she had started work with Atlantic Homecare on May 2001.
She said the atmosphere was good at the start. However, a new female store manager, referred to as M in tribunal papers, was appointed and started to "pick on people". Ms. Porter told the tribunal that M began to call her names in 2002. Words like "flirt" and "floozy" were used, the tribunal heard.
The complainant was also referred to as a "blonde bimbo". She was referred to as "Mrs. Bouquet" over the tannoy system which signified a fussy old woman.
Ms. Porter said she never knew what to expect. One day she "could be M's best friend" and another day not. "M just picked on somebody everyday," the tribunal was told.
Ms. Porter said she was shouted at, sometimes so loudly she didn't understand what the manageress was saying. Another employee told the tribunal that M called her names.
Ms. Porter began to get tension headaches and anxiety attacks, according to a tribunal report in the 'Irish Times'. She said by May 2005, she couldn't take the name-calling and verbal abuse any longer. She consulted a doctor and went on sick leave for workplace stress. She later resigned from Atlantic Homecare. M told the tribunal that the allegation she picked on people was totally untrue. When it was put to her that she was overheard calling the St. Johnston woman "a blonde bimbo", she replied: "Definitely didn't happen. I never name-called as a manager for 20 years. It's school yard stuff". She said nobody ever complained to her that she shouted or was aggressive in manner or speech. However, the tribunal found that Ms. Porter's resignation was a case of constructive dismissal and not a voluntary decision.
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