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Moville tunes up for trad festival 07.02.08

MOVILLE is tuning up for the first of its many festivals this year.
The third annual Moville Traditional Music Festival takes place from February 15 to February 17 with a great weekend promised for lovers of traditional Irish music. A number of venues in the town are earmarked for some great sessions beginning on Friday evening and, according to the organisers, "ending whenever we have to go back to work!"
The first Moville Traditional Music Festival was held in 2006 and was a great success with fantastic music, chat and craic all weekend.
The organisers hope their 2008 outing will be even bigger and will attract lovers of traditional music from around the North West and further afield.
It kicks off on Friday evening with simultaneous sessions in four bars in the town - Rosato's, Rawdons, Bar-A-Cuda and the Foyle Hotel. Saturday will continue with a similar programme while there will be lunchtime sessions on
Sunday for the usual die hards, buoyed up by a good hearty Moville brunch.
The festival always attracts top musicians from throughout Ireland.
And with sessions open to anyone who can play - it's always popular with young homegrown talent. This year's musicians will include: Sean Fitzpatrick (Guitar) N. Tipperary; Noel Ryan (Guitar) N. Tipperary; Dan Bruder (Box) Limerick; Leonard Barry (Box) Kerry; Alan Costello (Box); Michelle Powderly (Fiddle) Carlow; Marcus Moloney (Banjo) Limerick; Brendan Hendry (Fiddle) Derry and Dave Sheridan (Fiddle) Carlow. They will be joined by a host of local musicians from Donegal and Derry. To find out more visit www.movillemusic.org .
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