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Family group welcomes transport roll-out 25.02.08

A TRANSPORT scheme is to be rolled out in Inishowen to help people with no access to a car.
The Rural Transport Initiative will be brought to the peninsula on a pilot basis to help people with no car get to basic essential services such as the doctor, the post office and the shops.
Mary McKinney It works by providing funding to community groups and partnerships who are tuned into the specific needs of people in their catchment areas.
Inishowen will now join 34 community transport groups currently being funded under the Initiative.
Mary McKinney, from the Inishowen Family Resource Centre welcomed the imminent roll-out of the project to the peninsula in conjunction with parts of Counties Louth
and Cork.
Funding will also be provided to cover the initiative on a cross-border basis.
"It is an added stress if you don't have access to transport. People on low incomes and people who are isolated often can't afford taxis. They have enough problems without something so mundane becoming an issue as well," said Ms. McKinney.
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