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434 people lost jobs in Donegal last year 10.01.08

A TOTAL of 434 people in Donegal were made redundant last year, new figures show.
The league table released by the Small Firms' Association (SFA) said the level of redundancies in 2007 showed that exposed sectors of the economy continue to come under severe global competitive pressure.
Higher domestic costs in electricity, gas, local authority, waste, water and environmental charges continue to undermine the overall competitive position, the SFA concluded.
SFA director Patricia Callan, however, said Donegal was not the worse affected county.
Nearly 43% of all jobs lost were in Dublin, followed by Cork, Limerick and Galway with job losses of 2707, 1250 and 1172 respectively.
"The economy is losing on average 490 jobs every week, which is twice the level of redundancies recorded in 2000," said Ms. Callan.
She said the construction, civil engineering sectors had significant job losses of 3,445 and 1,789 jobs respectively last year.
“The loss of such a significant number of jobs in regional areas where they will not be easily replaced is particularly concerning," she added, calling on the state agencies concerned to do all in their power to promote the creation of enterprise and employment in a regionally-balanced way.
The SFA report shows that men suffered some 61% of all job losses, with the balance of 39% lost by females.
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