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Crash victims' families appeal to DPP 18.01.08

THE families of five young friends killed in a horrific crash at Quigley's Point more than two years ago will next week appeal to the Director of Public Prosecutions to make a decision on the Garda investigation into the accident.
Funeral of crash victims in Buncrana in October 2005. Rochelle Peoples from Buncrana and her boyfriend David Steele from Quigley's Point; Gavin Duffy and his girlfriend Charlene O'Connor from Buncrana and Gavin's first cousin Darren Quinn, also from Buncrana were killed in the crash. The accident happened in the early hours of
Saturday October 8, 2005.
The friends, who were in their 20s, were all travelling in the same car when it was involved in a collision with a vehicle with one occupant, a man from Derry. He was the sole survivor of the crash that shocked the nation and contributed to the setting up of the Burnfoot Traffic Corps.
The victims' families will hold a press conference on Monday, January 21, at 11.30am in the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, Buncrana.
They will call on the DPP to make a decision on the outcome of the investigation into the crash in which their loved ones were killed.
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