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Paul sails into Swilly sunset 11.01.08

BUNCRANA Town Clerk Paul Doyle who has just announced his retirement says he's looking forward to indulging his passion for sailing Lough Swilly.
His trusty 40-year old timber sailing boat 'Goose Girl' is currently berthed for the winter at Fahan Marina but the long-serving council official is now looking to the future and many more days at her helm.
"I'm a member of Lough Swilly Sailing Club so hopefully there will be plenty of sailing ahead," he told InishowenNews.com.
"My boat is a wooden, 40-year old, called 'Goose Girl' and she's berthed in Fahan."
Paul Doyle. The 57-year Dubliner, who is from Whitehall, confirmed a locally-held anecdote about himself and the current leader of the country.
"Yeah, I was in the same class as Bertie at school. We both went to St. Adrian's in Whitehall and we're both around the same age."
While a Dub' by birth, he is a Donegal man by now. "Sure I'm in Donegal longer than I was in Dublin," he laughed, admitting that Buncrana was now "in the blood".
He arrived as Buncrana Town Clerk in 1977  
as a 27 year old, becoming the youngest town clerk in the country. He succeeded Joe McNulty who left to take up the same post in Bundoran, a position he still holds today.
"The Buncrana job was advertised in the paper along with Bundoran and Templemore, Co. Tipperary. In those days, town clerks moved around a lot more than they do today.
"I got the job after serving six years as a clerical officer, class A, with Dublin Corporation," he explained.
Now, just over 30 years later, he says it's time to move on. Citing health grounds for his decision to take early retirement, he admits he's glad to be rid of his hectic desk job.
"I'm relieved to be honest. It's such a different job nowadays to what it was in the early years. It's pretty arduous at times."
He said there had been some challenging times over the years, particularly the seemingly never-ending recession of the 1980s and the closure of Fruit of the Loom. He was happy as the country's fortunes changed with the
Fahan Marina where outgoing Buncrana Town Clerk has his sailing boat 'Goose Girl' berthed.
Celtic Tiger and firmly believes "the best has yet to come" for his adopted town.
A single man, he says he has no plans to leave his large period red-bricked home at The Crescent, Buncrana, although his new-found free time will allow him to visit his family more.
"Both my parents are deceased but I have a brother in the European Commission in Brussels, I've a sister in Dublin and a sister in Australia, so hopefully I'll be able to see more of them." He also hopes to indulge his other great passion - reading non-fiction books. "I would be a pretty avid reader. There is so much non-fiction to get through, I would never have the time to read fiction."
Buncrana's councillors paid tribute to the 57-year old at Wednesday night's monthly meeting while the seaside town is now on the look-out for his replacement. The top position is to be advertised within the next two weeks. Meanwhile, Paul Doyle paid warm tribute to his former colleagues, the many elected representatives he worked with over the years, and the people of Buncrana. "They're very good people in Buncrana and I did my best to serve them to the best of my ability."
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