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'Deep Diver' stirs interest in Greencastle 08.01.08

YOU would be forgiven for thinking they've struck black gold in Greencastle after a massive oil rig-type structure was erected 100m offshore.
The barge known as a 'Deep Diver' was installed recently at the harbour much to the bemusement of locals and visitors.
But project manager Paul O'Sullivan, an engineer with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, yesterday quashed any hopes of cheaper home-heating bills for the people of Inishowen.
The 'Deep Diver' barge off Greencastle harbour. He explained that the rig is a platform to drill holes into the seabed for ten massive tubular piles as part of the Greencastle breakwater project.
When constructed, the piles will create ten berths for local mussel boats at the local harbour. "The jack-up barge will be there for the next three to four months to install cylindrical piles for
lay-by berths for ten mussel dredgers," said Mr. O'Sullivan. "The rig arrived just before Christmas for weather reasons and drilling will start shortly." The ten tubular piles are around one-metre in diameter and must be bored eight metres into rock on the sea floor, then grounded into position with a mixture of sand and cement. The 'Deep Diver' has been supplied by British-based marine construction company Seacore Ltd., who send their rigs to marina and maritime projects all over the world. Seacore Ltd., won the sub-contract when the job went out to tender last year.
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