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McHugh writes to Obama and Clinton 28.02.08

DONEGAL North East T.D., Deputy Joe McHugh has written to the three main US presidential candidates urging their support for the undocumented Irish.
McHugh, the Fine Gael spokesperson on North/South co-operation, has penned letters to Democrats Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate John McCain.
In the letters, he has pushed for immigration reform within 100 days of the successful candidate being elected to the White House. He said all three candidates have put on record their willingness to help immigrants - Senator McCain through the  Deputy Joe McHugh has written to Obama to help the undocumented Irish in the US.
McCain-Kennedy Bill; Senator Obama through his policy to allow immigrants of good standing to become citizens and Senator Clinton through her long-standing support of immigration reform and her work with Irish-American groups.
"The undocumented Irish in the United States have been living in fear and it is no exaggeration to say that they are being treated like criminals," said Deputy McHugh.
"All they want to do is pay their taxes and live a normal life. I'm particularly aware of the hardship because around 5,000 of the undocumented come from Donegal.
He said immigration reform was a "massive issue" in the US presidential election.
"I hope that whoever becomes president, will prioritise immigration and allow the 50,000 undocumented avail of the rights they so richly deserve.
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