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Donegal and Kerry unite in Coast Guard campaign 19.02.08

DONEGAL and Kerry County Councils are joining forces in a bid to reverse a decision to axe the Malin Head and Valentia marine rescue centres and centralise their activities at Shannon.
Kerry County Council yesterday unanimously voted to oppose the closure of Valentia Island's coastal radio station, in support of a campaign by islanders.
Malin Head Coast Guard station The move mirrored a similar motion passed by Donegal County Council before Christmas.
It is now expected that Kerry County Manager, Tom Curran and his Donegal counterpart Michael McLoone will lead a power delegation to lobby Minister Noel Dempsey on the issue.
It was also revealed yesterday that Coast Guard HQ in Dublin 
have proposed a site at Ballycasey in the Shannon area, as the centralised centre for marine rescue operations in the west.
A Malin Head Coast Guard source yesterday said staff and their families remained "hopeful" all was not lost.
"Last week, a delegation from the Inishowen Development Partnership presented Minister Dempsey with a document outlining exactly why the rescue centre should stay in Malin Head. It was a very good and persuasive report and the Minister admitted he was now better informed about Malin Head's suitability than he was.
"Add to that the fact that Donegal and Kerry County Councils are now joining together to fight for the local stations and we would like to think that Minister Dempsey will see sense on the matter. Claims that technology is outdated in Malin Head and Valentia have also been contradicted," said the source.
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