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Entrepreneur's recipe for good health 25.01.08

A DONEGAL entrepreneur has described how the personal experience of a friend's illness prompted her to change her lifestyle.
Catherine Sproule, who runs a chain of juice bars, researched the role diet can play in common diseases like bowel cancer. She found that 80% of these diseases are thought to be preventable and set about making some changes for her own family.
She said the benefits of a healthier lifestyle were "firmly brought home" to her when her friend was diagnosed with a tumour.
Catherine claims that the introduction of fruit and vegetable juices, wheatgrass and spirulina in her pal's diet resulted in the tumour diminishing within a year.
Catherine outlines her recipe for good health in a new book 'More Than Just a Recipe Book'.
Catherine Sproule.
"So many people were looking for information and recipes for juices and smoothies that I decided to put it all together in the form of a book," she said.
She great improvements can be made from simple changes like cutting down on processed foods and being aware of how much salt, sugar, fat and chemicals are in your food.
"Weight loss, improvements in energy levels and skin condition happen almost without much conscious effort," says Catherine, who runs the Guava chain of juice bars.
The book costs 8.99 and is available in a number of Inishowen shops and at Guava in the Courtyard Shopping Centre, Letterkenny.
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