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Greencastle girl who talks... sdrawkcab 25.02.08

A YOUNG Greencastle girl is causing quite a sensation with her quirky talent speaking backwards.
Jane McCauley, or should we say enaj yeluaccm - discovered her unique skill some time ago but her family only found out about it this year.
Jane, 10, who has a twin sister, has been entertaining everyone with her back-to-front wordplay ever since.
From the easiest words like cat - tac - to some of the very hardest, the young schoolgirl entertains with her tongue-twisting translations.
"Its easy and its great fun. I was always able to do it," said Jane.
Mum Mary and estate agent dad Leo, from the fishing village of Greencastle, were amazed last month when they found out about their daughter's mindbending skill.
The couple have five children including two sets of twins.
"On new year's day, we were all at the table having dinner when
Jane McCauley.
my little nephew said I can spell 'carrot' and Jane piped up, 'I can say it backwards'," said Mary.
"She said she could always do it but we never knew. From that day on, we've been having great fun with it. Sometimes when we're out in the car, we shout out different words to her and she shouts them backwards to us. Some of her back-to-front words are hilarious."
Mary has since been on the internet trying to find out more about her daughter's unusual skill. She only managed to find out about an entertainer who appeared years ago on the Johnny Carson Show in the US. Mary also contacted the Gerry Ryan radio show to see if his listeners knew anything about it. Gerry was so intrigued he put Jane to the test live on air on Friday. The quietly-spoken Scoil Colmcille pupil didn't disappoint as the veteran broadcaster threw plenty of words at her including some about Bertie Ahern and the Mahon Tribunal. Jane got a round of applause from her schoolmates when she arrived a little late into class on Friday. She is also the envy of them all after Gerry rewarded her efforts with VIP tickets to see Westlife at Croke Park.
Meanwhile, Jane has a lot to look forward to this week. She is being flown to Dublin with mum and dad on Friday to make an appearance later that night on the Late, Late Show with host...Tap Ynnek'.
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