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"Six County Fianna Fáil good for Inishowen" 13.02.08

AN Inishowen senator says there is "strong support" in Fianna Fáil for the party to set up in the North.
Moville-based Senator Cecilia Keaveney made her comments following a series of Cumann meetings within the party over the past couple of weeks.
She said Fianna Fáil ministers in the Republic working with future Fianna Fáil ministers in the Assembly would be good for Inishowen.
“I, like many others living in a region such as Inishowen, who have spent their lives travelling across the border into the Six Counties, am only too aware of the social and economic benefits there are to an-all island agenda," said Senator Keaveney.
"The development of party structures in the North, if it happens, will be a slow, considered process that will build on the strong connections that the party already has with groups and organisations in the North."
She said she eagerly anticipated the day when the party would be well established in Derry, Tyrone and the rest of the Northern counties.
"On a personal level, I would look forward to the day, which is not necessarily that far away, when Fianna Fáil ministers in the government of the Republic could be working with Fianna Fáil ministerial colleagues in the North's Executive. Real joined up thinking for the North West would then be a reality and what potential could be released for counties such as Donegal,” added Senator Keaveney.
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