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Keaveney defends EU Reform Treaty 17.01.08

AN Inishowen member of the Council of Europe said the EU Reform Treaty aims to make the European Union "more effective and more efficient".
Senator Cecilia Keaveney said with the EU now in existence 50 years, it needed updating and modernising.
“Any good company after 50 years in existence, would change its structures so that it can meet new challenges in a more coherent and simplified fashion. That is all that the EU Reform Treaty seeks to achieve," she said.
“Ireland's national interest is fully protected under the terms of this treaty. Europe has no powers to set our tax rates, it has no say over our citizenship laws and decisions in the field of foreign affairs have to be taken with the unanimous agreement of all 27 member states of the EU.”
The Moville-based representative said Ireland has exactly the same rights that Germany, France, Britain and Italy will have on the European Commission in the future.
She explained: “Decisions will be taken at Council of Ministers meetings (which represents the interests of the EU governments in Europe) when 55% of member states representing 65% of the EU population support such decisions.
“There are people, either misinformed or mischievous in their intent, making wild claims that the European Union will have 105 new powers under this treaty. This is simply untrue.
"People should not be fooled. The Robert Schuman Foundation, a highly respected EU think tank states that the European Union will have approximately a third new powers, which will include areas such as sport, energy and the need for a new common EU immigration policy.
“We no longer live in a European Union of six member states. We live in a community of 27 member states and the European Union needs to put itself in a position to tackle the problems of global warming and the importation of illegal drugs into the EU in a more structured manner."
Senator Keaveney added: “The EU Reform Treaty gives the European Union these new powers so that the EU can adapt to a changing world."
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