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Families welcome DPP review plan 30.01.08

Story: Inishowen Independent

THE announcement by the Director of Public Prosecutions that he is to review his office’s policy of not giving reasons for decisions not to prosecute, was welcomed yesterday by Annette Duffy whose son Gavin was one of five killed in a horrific accident in Quigley’s Point in 2005.
Families of the five young people last week criticised the DPP’s delay in making a decision following the investigation into the accident which killed their loved ones. As yet the families have had no news in relation to their own case, but they have welcomed the decision by the DPP to review the policy in relation to information released.
Yesterday, Annette Duffy said she believed the decision by the DPP to review the policy would be a step forward.
“I think this would be a step forward and even though it will have to be well thought through I feel that anyone who has lost a loved one in these kinds of circumstances will see this as a 
Families of five Inishowen crash victims welcome DPP move.
positive step.”
Mrs. Duffy said it was terrific that the DPP was asking for submissions on its website. “Even the fact that there will be discussion about this now is a positive thing and I’m sure as a group we will look into making a submission to the DPP,” she added.
A document published yesterday on the DPP's website, entitled the “Reasons Project,” seeks submissions from interested parties on how this could be done without infringing the rights of accused people and witnesses.
“Victims of crimes who have complained to the authorities have felt aggrieved because they are not told the reasons for decisions not to prosecute,” Mr Hamilton said.
He added: “I have long felt that if a method of giving reasons to victims without doing injustice to others could be devised then, in the interests of fairness to victims, I should attempt to do so.”
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