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Buncrana must unite against "young thugs" 21.02.08

A SHOCKED Buncrana councillor who personally witnessed a local traffic warden being attacked with stones has called on locals to unite against the ongoing anti-social behaviour in the town.
Cllr. Pádraig MacLochlainn said he was also verbally abused during the incident. "What I witnessed earlier this week can only be described as shocking. Two teenagers with hoods pulled over their heads were openly verbally abusing one of our traffic wardens. The way that they talked to that man was unbelievable. When challenged, they ran away scurrying and hiding down side streets," said Cllr. MacLochlainn.
"I then left the traffic warden and went about my business but when I walked up the Main Street again, they were 
Cllr. Pádraig MacLochlainn.
actually stoning him. I stood with him as there were now three teenagers across the street involved in this separate incident of abuse and attempting to intimidate him. They then began to hurl verbal abuse at me. In a short period of time, the Guards arrived at the scene and pursued them."
The Sinn Féin councillor said the disturbing aspect was that anti-social behaviour was becoming a regular feature in Buncrana.
"The worrying thing is that this type of behaviour is not unusual in Buncrana anymore. I have heard regular reports of these types of incidents," added Cllr. MacLochlainn.
"The traffic wardens are only the latest victims. I am calling on our community to stand together against this thuggery. I would appeal to anyone with information on who these teenagers are, to immediately contact the Guards. I would also appeal to local parents of teenagers to ask them where they were last Tuesday at around 2pm.
"The three teenagers responsible were not at school and all were wearing track suit bottoms and fleece hoodies. One of them wore a striped fleeced hoody," he added.
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