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No local deliveries in Carndonagh 21.02.08

by Simon McGeady, Inishowen Independent

FEARS that pregnant women from Inishowen may have to give birth at Carndonagh District Hospital this summer appear to have lessened this week after the matron of the hospital said she did not believe such a practice could take place.
Speaking to the Inishowen Independent, the Acting Matron of Carndonagh District Hospital, Kathleen Smyth, allayed concerns that expectant mothers may be required to have their babies at the Inishowen hospital, because of a predicted spike in the birthrate in the county in the summer.
Carndonagh Hospital Her comments come following rumours locally that a baby boom expected this summer could result in a huge strain in resources at the Maternity Unit in Letterkenny General Hospital and might see babies delivered again in some of the county’s regional hospitals. It is believed that the rumours have 
prompted fears among local women. “I can’t see it happening. The equipment needed to deliver babies is not here anymore, and I doubt it could be in put in place in time for a ‘baby boom’ in the summer,” the Carndonagh Matron said. She also added that it has been over a decade since the Carndonagh District Hospital had a Maternity Unit and while it was true that occasionally babies had been delivered at the hospital during the last ten years. These were emergency births by mothers who came to the hospital because they did not believe they would make it to Letterkenny General before giving birth.
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