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Tenants may get option to buy homes 18.01.08

TENANTS of social housing who rent their homes from organisations like St Vincent de Paul may soon be able to purchase their properties, a local T.D., has revealed.
Currently tenants in social housing cannot buy their homes unlike tenants of local authority housing.
But Deputy Niall Blaney said he had been informed by the Environment Minister John Gormely that his department is "actively pursuing" ways to facilitate home ownership from social housing.
“I have been in discussions with Minister Gormely on this issue for some months and I am delighted to learn that serious consideration is now being given to changing the approach in this regard," said Deputy Blaney.
“I would like to see a situation whereby people living in social housing would be in a position to purchase
Deputy Niall Blaney.
their homes if they wished.”
The Donegal North East Fianna Fáil deputy said people needed that option in order to "feel at home" in social housing.
“This would act as an incentive for the residents to invest in the area and in their community. If they feel that their time there is transitory, it is hard to settle down properly.
“Minister Gormely said that it is planned to initiate a pilot tenant purchase scheme for tenants of some new voluntary and co-operative houses in 2008 and the modalities of such a scheme, including any legislative requirements, are being looked into at present," added Deputy Blaney.
He said the situation regarding tenants of existing housing stock would be examined further in light of the outcome of ongoing discussions with the voluntary and co-operative sector.
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