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From Beverly Hills back to Buncrana 27.02.08

by Liam Porter, Inishowen Independent

A BUNCRANA couple who spent most of last week moving in star-studded Hollywood circles say they can't wait to get back to Buncrana this week.
Amanda Doherty and her husband Adrian Gill won tickets for the Bleachers Seats at this year’s Oscars.
Speaking to the Inishowen Independent from her Beverly Hills Hotel on Monday, Amanda described the experience as “unbelievable".
“It was amazing, far better than I ever expected, I don’t think I’ve taken it all in yet.”
Before she’d left for the awards ceremony, Amanda had hoped she might catch a glimpse of George Clooney, but she could hardly believe her luck when the Hollywood heartthrob turned up
Amanda Doherty who went to the Oscars with her husband Adrian.
in her hotel.
“He was in the hotel for a press conference and not only did I get to see him, I got to meet him and get a photograph with him. He was lovely, very gracious and polite.”
Before they headed off to the Oscars on Sunday the local couple had the chance to take the Hollywood tour and Amanda admitted the sights that greeted them were simply breathtaking.
“We got to go around and see the home of the stars and it really was hard to take it all in. You see them on television but when you actually get to see them you are amazed at how huge they are. Myself and Adrian used to think the houses up in Fahan were big til we saw these!”
Still star struck from seeing the homes of the stars up close, Adrian and Amanda headed off to the Bleachers seats early on Sunday morning.
“We were there early but it really didn’t feel that long because there was so much going on all day. It was fantastic to see the stars on the red carpet and it was really great fun to see how the Americans who had won seats on the Bleachers were reacting.”
As far as the stars themselves went, Amanda and husband Adrian were impressed with several including Helen Mirren, Jessica Alba, Hilary Swank and George Clooney to name but a few, but there were others who took them by surprise.
“Miley Cyrus who plays Hannah Montana was there and the Americans went crazy calling on her but she didn’t even turn her head to look at them. She acted like a proper little diva.”
At the Oscars party across the road the celebrities in attendance were kept well away from those who had won Bleachers seats and while that was a little disappointing, Amanda said she really wouldn’t like their lifestyle at all.
“I watched as they travelled around with all their security and the entourage of people they had to bring with them and I really don’t think that I’d like that at all.”
And Amanda admits that she is looking forward to getting home later this week.
“It was an amazing trip but we’re looking forward to getting home again,” she concluded.
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