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Belt Up - it could save your life  30.01.08

The Donegal Road Safety Working Group this week launched its latest road safety campaign to remind people that seat belts save lives, even on the shortest trips and at the lowest speeds.
The aim of the Belt Up campaign is to remind drivers and passengers of the importance of wearing a seat belt both in the front and the back of a vehicle. This is based on the fact that the real crash often happens inside the car with the unrestrained person impacting the windscreen, dashboard, and with other passengers. The campaign seeks to focus on back seat passengers and children, particularly on the school run.
Belting up can save your life. Welcoming the campaign, Road Safety Working Group chairman, Stephen Lambert said: “Seat belts are proven lifesavers and have been shown to reduce the severity of injuries in the event of a collision. It is essential that they are worn front and rear on every journey no matter how short."
A recent survey by the Road Safety Authority found almost two out of every five parents put their children at risk every day by not strapping them into the back seat of the car.
"Parents are prepared to gamble a lifetime of grief for the sake of a minute - the time it takes to make sure your child is properly
restrained," added Mr. Lambert.
A new EU law requires all children who are under 150 centimetres in height and weigh less than 36 kilograms – generally children up to 12 years - to be in an appropriate child car seat. Donegal County Council’s road safety officer, Eamonn Brown said the "message is simple". "Before you set off on any journey, no matter how long or short, ensure everyone in the vehicle has belted-up. Much of the injuries and many of the deaths on our roads would not occur if drivers and passengers were adequately restrained by safety belts. This is one of the easiest things people can do to play their part in reducing the number of people seriously injured or killed on our roads," said Mr. Brown. Check out the RSA website at www.rsa.ie  for more details on seat belts and the recently introduced seat belt legislation. This campaign will be supported with leaflets, posters and a media campaign over the next six weeks.
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