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Cllr. flushes out baby wipes scourge 15.02.08

BABY wipes and other unsuitable materials are being flushed down Buncrana toilets to the detriment of the local environment, a local councillor has warned.
Cllr. Peter McLaughlin raised the issue this week saying, while he knew the issue would induce the giggles, it was no laughing matter.
Cllr. Peter McLaughlin. He said the flushing of baby wipes, face wipes, cotton wool and other unsuitable fibrous materials, was causing major overflow problems in the septic tanks around the town.
He said the problem had caused blockages at the pumping station at Westbrook with one recent incident destroying "part of the river for quite a number of days". Cllr. McLaughlin said the problem was costing the local authority dearly including the need to employ divers to clear the blockages.
"Having spoken to some of the people who work in sanitary services, an issue arose as to what they perceive can and cannot go down toilets.
"By not knowing what they can and can't put into the system, people are throwing away fibrous materials that have caused problems," the Fine Gael councillor told Highland Radio yesterday.
"Every time it happens, there is a cost factor and an environmental impact factor so if we can do something to address that we should - such as letting people know how the system should be used."
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