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Alan to fly home this week 07.01.08

TEENAGER Alan Doherty will be home later this week after a longer than expected stay in New York.
Alan missed Christmas at home after an infection set in following the second phase of pioneering surgery to construct him a chin. It meant he had to stay in New York over the festive holiday for minor corrective surgery at Mount Sinai Hospital.
His aunt Grace McColgan, who lives in Muff, last night told InishowenNews.com the whole family spent Christmas together in the Big Apple.
"His mother Bernie and father Danny and his brother and sister were all in New York with him for Christmas. All of them went out for their Christmas dinner to a local restaurant and had a great time," she explained.
Alan's surgeons are happy with his recovery from infection and he was cleared to travel home on Wednesday.
Grace, who is a sister of Alan's father, said
Alan Doherty.
she was unsure whether the 17-year old would be returning to school in Letterkenny in the meantime.
"As far as I know he may have to go back to New York in late February or early March so I don't know if he will be able to go back to school before then." She said Alan had a private tutor calling to the family's rented apartment in New York whenever his hospital schedule allowed. Meanwhile, she said fundraising would continue throughout Inishowen and Letterkenny this year to meet the final costs of her brave nephew's 0.5m surgery.
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