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Councillor demands affordable housing 17.01.08

A BUNCRANA councillor says he is "outraged" that no affordable housing was delivered in 2007 to help cash-strapped families.
Councillor Daren Lalor called for the delivery of affordable housing in the town as a matter of priority this year.
He quoted from Buncrana Town Council's Budget for 2008 which states that 'negotiations will begin in early 2008 with developers in relation to the provision of social and affordable housing under Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000'.
Cllr. Lalor said: "Yet back in February 2007 at a monthly meeting, I received the same response from a tabled question so it's quite clear that no progress whatsoever has been made on this issue."
The Sinn Féin councillor said that he "constantly" raised the issue with council officials both privately and through written submissions in the chamber.
"Back in February 2007, nine developments had been granted planning permission and all of them are required to comply with the Part V of the Planning and Development Act 2000. Again in May 2007, I received a written response from the council that enforcement proceedings would be instituted if a satisfactory conclusion is not reached," he said.
"The reality is there are young working people within our community who, due to the steady rise (of prices) in the housing market, cannot purchase a home. It is they who have been let down by this council. We have failed them at a time when Buncrana has seen the largest growth in new housing in its history."
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